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Whether it’s a multi-colored bagel or cookie dough on a cone, New York City is known for starting food crazes. The following novelty food items were originally started in the big apple.


Rainbow Bagels

In 2016, the Bagel Store in Williamsburg, Brooklyn rolled out their now famous rainbow bagels and the internet went crazy for them. People lined up, some for as long as 3 hours, to get the Insta-worthy bagel. The Bagel Store even had to create a separate line for those who want the rainbow creation to accommodate their other customers.



The same bakery that brought us the rainbow bagel were also the creator the mufgel. The mufgel is a cross between a bagel and a muffin, which combines the crumbliness of a muffin on the top and the chewiness of a bagel on the bottom. The flavors vary from savory with bacon, egg, and cheese, sweet flavors, and even pizza.



The world-famous cross between a croissant and doughnut creation was started at the Dominique Ansel Bakery in SoHo in 2013. New Yorkers and tourists alike quickly became obsessed with the flaky deep-fried cronut, and the bakery saw a line out the door every morning.


Cookie Dough Cafe

During the hot summer days, many of us turn to an ice cream cone to cool off. A new shop called Cookie gives patrons a scoop of fresh safe-to consume cookie dough. Since they use pasteurized eggs and heat-treated flour, it’s safe to eat and won’t hurt your stomach. You can also take some of the raw dough home and make fresh baked cookies in your own kitchen.


Crazy Milkshakes

When you’re in the mood for a full course meal of just dessert, it’s time to check out the Black Tap Burger Bar for their incredibly decadent milkshakes. Their creations were featured by Insider Food and Zagat for being not your average milkshake, and are piled high with may toppings.