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Simon Abrahms

Simon Abrahms is the Founder and Director of The Chesterfield Gallery. First established by Simon in West Hartford, Connecticut back in 2011, the gallery moved to New York in early 2016. Since relocating, Chesterfield Gallery has restaged its purpose to act as a platform for leading emerging and mid-career international artists with non-traditional techniques and approaches to materials, with a primary focus in sculpture and large scale installations.

Prior to opening his gallery, Simon Abrahms attended the University of Connecticut School of Business. During his time here, Simon immersed himself in glassblowing, connecting with local artists who were challenging the limits of form. Simon recognized that glassblowing was quickly become an emerging form of desirable art and thus, opted to create a gallery that would showcase the many talented artists in the industry. Today, the Chesterfield Gallery hosts work from internationally known glassblowers, and encourages artists to experiment both within the form and interdisciplinarily.

Apart from his work with the gallery, Simon Abrahms finds himself thoroughly interested in cooking, cocktails, and restaurants. Now based in New York, Simon has been fortunate enough to visit some of the city’s most impressive restaurants, and has since started a list of his favorites.  Some of his favorite places to visit have included Supper, Lavagna, BLT Prime, and Breads Bakery. When he’s not dining out, Simon enjoys cooking some of his favorites such as Todd English honey chicken, basil pesto chicken, banana bread, as well as food and wine latkes.

Simon Abrahms’ passion for cuisine and restaurants has most certainly amplified since his move to New York. Follow Simon’s blog, which focuses on new restaurants in New York and his favorite recipes of today!